An interview with 1950s Dell/Western and Toby Press comic book artist MEL KEEFER! -- The Multi·Talented Mel Keefer: Forty Years In Comics, Illustration, Animation, & Movies -- Interview Conducted, Edited, & Annotated by Alberto Becattini. Alter Ego, August 2013, No. 119-- PDF Download >>

Beginning in the early nineteen fifties BC (Before Computers), Mel Keefer brought characters to life with the simplicity and clarity of pen and ink. With comic strips, comic books, book illustrations, advertising art, and television and film, Mel captured the times for posterity and delivered them as entertainment. His Mac Divot golf series (written by Jordan Lansky), syndicated by the Chicago Tribune to run in 150 papers nationwide and internationally, taught us how to play golf while bringing the stories of sport stars and celebrities into our kitchens and living rooms for 22 years.

Whether sharing the challenges of the US Marines in the comic Monty Hall, or drawing Dragnet, Gene Autry, Perry Mason, Superman, Batman, Zorro, Tales of the Texas Rangers, Thorn McBride, Strange Adventures, Dale Evans, Uncle Martin the Martian, Johnny Quest, Rick O’ Shay, or The Swamp Fox, Mel’s fine detail and distinct world view gave audiences the opportunity to lose themselves in adventure, drama, and fantasy. Part of his impressive client list included, Hanna-Barbera, Disney, Filmation, Petersen Publications, Ziff-Davis Comics, DC Comics, the New York News Syndicate, Copley Syndicate, Times-Mirror, Dell Publications, and the Chicago Tribune.

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